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Boliver Carpet Cleaning

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Boliver carpet cleaning offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning services for all types – from residential units to shopping center carpet care. Carpet cleans always a part of our everyday life. With 10 years carpet cleaning experiences we offer one of top quality service all Sydney area. We use biodegradable, non-toxic products that clean your carpets deep down effectively and efficiently.

We are promise that you will be happy with the results of our cleaning that we guarantee the service and we will re-clean your carpets!

Also our Quality Control Manager happy to come to explain any issue for you if requested.

Our key objective is to ensure your carpet is well maintained and looks clean at all times for occupants and visitors.

Our communication protocol also ensures any issues or concerns you may have are dealt with as soon as possible.


Our services include:

Step 1. Pre-Vacuum


The Australian standard requires all carpet cleaners to pre-vacuum the carpet. The primary reason to pre-vacuum is to get rid of the dry particle matter (dirt, dust etc). We use a commercial grade vacuum which has unique brushes to pick up the pile giving your carpet better penetration for the pre-spray.


First we spot stain your carpet, and then we spray your carpets with an effective pre-spray which is harmless to all carpet fibers including wool. It is biodegradable and safe for your family & pets. Having your carpets pre-sprayed captures the foreign dirt/soiling from your carpet, this means when your carpets are cleaned the dirt/soils are separated from your carpets making the steam clean even more effective.


Agitation will massage the pre-spray deep into the pile to release the dirt. This is accomplished with a rotary machine. Like washing your hair, you don't just put the shampoo on your hair then wash it out, you massage it in.


This is achieved using a high-powered truck mounted machine. Using hot water extraction, which is also the preferred method of Australia's largest carpet manufacturers. Hot water extraction is the most efficient way of removing the soils/dirt from your carpet due to the high temperature of the water and the powerful suction.  Drying time is considerably reduced due to the high temperatures, you can expect your carpet to be dry within 2 to 3 hours.


Any stains that still remain after steam cleaning has been completed will be removed with specialty spotting agents.


Price Guarantee:

We will bring you our best services and make sure all customers can be 100% satisfaction.

Our 24/7 services and quality control management will guarantee whenever your problems happen, we will solve them for you in time.


Boliver carpet cleaning is covered by $20 million public liability insurance, all our staff being well trained, keeping non-criminal record and complying with the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2001. We will carefully take care of your carpet and make sure it spotless.

Communication Protocol

Our communication protocol also ensures any issues or concerns you may have are dealt with as soon as possible, also our management happy to come to explain any issue if requested.


We offer a flexible approach to carpet cleaning with weekly, fortnightly, monthly or any other schedule that you need.


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